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The systematic history of CALEB UNIVERSITIY dates back to 1986 when Prince Oladega Adebogun planted the initial seed of nursery and primary school in the heart of the Lagos Mainland. The ever-falling standard in public sector education and the demand of parents for Colleges that will combine high academic standards with true Christian values, energised the impetus to create a thoughtful Nursery, Primary and College. Nudged on constantly by a high commitment to high academic standards through learning methods that make for excellent leadership and brilliant citizenship, Dr. Oladega Adebogun appropriately named his College CALEB, an acronym for Commitment, Academic, Learning, Excellence, and Brilliance. The College's high academic attainment coupled with the exemplary moral behaviour of the students increased a competitive demand for space by parents who yearn for a secondary institution that will build on the same objectives, ambitions, values and teaching methods whose foundation had been solidly laid in the early years of education at CALEB. This logically and committedly paved the way for the establishment of Caleb International College in Magodo GRA, Lagos in 1995..

The colleges

There are 5 Caleb colleges, which are: College of Pure and Applied Sciences, College of Social and Management Sciences, College of Postgraduate Studies, College of Environmental Sciences and Management, & College of Education. Each College is headed by a Dean. The colleges are close academic communities, which bring together students and researchers from different disciplines, cultures and countries. This helps to foster the outstanding research achievement that has made Caleb the best private university in research and entrepreneurship development.

The University Administration

The University Administration is made up of many different sections, including academic,security, and administrative departments, libraries 

There are roughly 100 major academic departments, which are overseen by the five colleges:

The role of the colleges and the University in student life

Each and every student at Caleb University is a member of a college. Some colleges offer both graduate and undergraduate courses, while others offer only undergraduate studies. 


The undergraduate admissions process is co-ordinated by the University, but colleges are ultimately responsible for selecting and admitting their undergraduate students. An Application needs to be processed and a non-refundable fee will be paid.  

The University admits postgraduate students, but once they have been offered a place by the University, postgraduate students are also selected by a college.

Facilities and resources

Colleges provide accommodation, catering, social spaces, pastoral care and other facilities for their students.

The University provides centralised student services, including careers and counselling, as well as resources such as libraries, and laboratories.


The University supervises postgraduate students and examines graduate theses. 

The University determines the content of degree courses, and organises lectures, seminars and lab work for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

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