Academic matters

Access to study-related information including resources, handbooks and progression forms, examinations, submissions and results, student conduct regulations and disciplinary procedures, the complaints and appeals process, and a University regulations listing.

The Registry

It is headed by the Registrar, who, as the Chief Administrative Officer of the University, is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration of the University and serves as the Secretary to both Council and Senate. In terms of ensuring quality assurance, Registry has distinguished itself as the sole keeper of the University’s values and traditions and enforcer of the rules and regulations. As an integral part of the University, it is committed to making Caleb University, Lagos a world class institution and has indeed worked assiduously to uphold its Vision and Mission as conceived by the founding fathers. Personnel from the Registry service all University Committees and render administrative support where required. To facilitate the work of the Registrar, the Registry is organized as follows:

DIVISION                          UNIT COMMITTEES SERVED
Council Affairs Policy and Fund Raising Matters Finance and General Purpose Committee (F&GPC). Committee on Internally Generally Revenue (IGR)
Human Resources Establishments, Welfare, Staff Development and Training Appointments and Promotions Committee of Academic Staff (APCAS), Appointments and Promotions Committee of Administrative, Technical and Professional Staff (APCAPTEPS), Junior Appointments and Promotions (JAP), Staff Disciplinary Committee (SDC)
Academic Affairs Senate, Examinations, Records Senate, Business Committee of Senate (BCOS), Admissions Committee
Student Affairs Students Welfare, Discipline and Administration Students Disciplinary Committee (SDC)
College Administration COLENSMA, COPAS, COSOMAS and COPOS College Boards and Committees