College of Postgraduate Studies

College of Postgraduate Studies (COPOS)

This is the unit responsible for coordinating Postgraduate studies is the College of Postgraduate Studies.The College is headed by a Dean,assisted by a Deputy Dean and a College Administrator.The College is responsible for Postgraduate admissions, registration, orientation, students records, approval of thesis/dissertation, examination of thesis/dissertations, accommodation for Postgraduate students,processing of applications for government bursaries/grants, approval of results and graduation.The Board of the College of Postgraduate Studies has oversight responsibility for admissions,approving new Postgraduate programmes,accreditation of faculty to teach Postgraduate level courses and supervise Post graduate research, approving examiners, examining thesis and dissertations, determining thesis and dissertation results, monitoring and evaluation of performance on postgraduate programme delivery. The PhD Technical Committee was established primarily to support the implementation of the University’s four-year PhD programme structure.The Committee has oversight responsibility for issues related to PhD studies coordinated by the College of Postgraduate Studies. The College also conducts research skills enhancement workshops for Postgraduate students and research supervisors.

Being a private fee-paying institution, all students are expected to pay prescribed fees for all services to be provided by the University which are structured to include: Registration, Tuition, Accommodation, Library, Practical, Health care, Games and Sports, Examination Assessment.

Others as may be applicable from time to time.

To be considered a student of the University, students must pay all prescribed fees. All payments must be made payable to CALEB University, Lagos. Students shall be issued receipts for all payments made. Clearance cards shall be issued to students on full payment of stipulated fees for each session. Students should ensure safe custody of their receipts and clearance cards.

History of College of Postgraduate Studies

The origin of the Postgraduate College at Caleb University is traceable to the setting up of a Postgraduate Committee in 2011 under Prof. Akinwande who undertook the preparation of guidelines and modality and it was further extended to Prof. Okedele. Based on the Committee’s report, Senate approved the establishment of the Postgraduate College and commenced with the Department of Architecture in the 2014/2015 academic session with (9) nine students under the tutelage of Prof. Olukunle lyanda as Dean. The Postgraduate regulations underwent extensive revision to reflect new developments and programmes by the Postgraduate College Board which were approved by senate during the 2014/2015 academic session, while the first edition of the Postgraduate Education at Caleb University aims at impacting specialized knowledge and skills leading to the attainment by the student of a high level of expertise in a specific field of Architecture, Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Mass Communications, and in the core sciences such as Computer Sciences. These objectives are met through the institution of appropriate mix advanced courses, provisions of excellent research and library facilities, as well as teaching supervision by highly experienced Postgraduate academic staff. In general considerable efforts are being made on a continuous basis by the university to provide a conducive environment for Postgraduate study.