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Architecture in Caleb University is a programme viewed as the core and foundation of architectural training. As the intellectual and methodological fortification of education in architecture, it sets forth the directions and pathways that enable the carrying out of comprehensive analysis and an intensified study of selected attributes of programmes generated or proposed for design.

The Architectural programme of the university places an emphasis on the effective application of theoretical aspects of architectural design in order to generate the most benefiting practical solution envisaged. Design, is the act of integrating information about buildings and building performance to produce a solution in form of a building product. Thus, architectural design is the process or product of the application, in a specific setting, of the knowledge necessary to build. The requisite knowledge ranges from theoretical questions of how space is organised to respond to (or take care of) specific features in particular ways that reflect appropriate dimensional sizes. It responds to the right human values and arouses the appropriate emotions and sensibilities towards the resultant aesthetics of the building form.

The programme at Caleb also attempts to address questions of what forms, structures or organisations are appropriate for the enhancement of life in a particular situation, to specific information on construction, cost, implementation and evaluation.


The philosophy of the architectural programme at Caleb University defines architecture as the art and science of building in theory and practice of design, coordination of allied professional inputs in management of assembling, commissioning and maintenance of buildings or group of buildings as well as organise spaces that are required for human and other activities.


The university seeks to produce architects with professional and intellectual capacities to contribute meaningfully to the architectural development in addressing the dynamic built environment and its challenges.


The specific goals of the architectural programme at Caleb towards achieving the above aim include: provide students with knowledge and skills to enhance their performance and to enable them to assume broader responsibility in the rapidly changing built environment in Nigeria and the world provide the knowledge required for the understanding and practical analysis of problems related to the built environment produce needed research personnel for in-depth study and development of locally available building materials for achieving affordable housing for the teeming population in Nigeria, and

d.provide a comprehensive education such that the graduate is able to plan, design, build and commission, maintain and coordinate the allied professional input in the development of the human environment










Prof. S. A. Daramola Dean/Professor B. Sc Arch, M. Sc Arch, PhD, FNIA Architecture
Arc. Bili Koleosho HOD/Senior Lecturer B. Sc Arch, M. Sc Arch Architecture

Arc. Ogunbowale Lanre

Lecturer I

B. Sc Arch, M. Sc Arch, M. Sc Const. Mgt, MNIA

Humane Architecture

Arc. Olaoye Gabriel Lecturer I B. Sc Arch, M. Sc Arch, M. Sc Const. Mgt, MNIA Architecture

Arc. Dada Lanre

Lecturer I

B. Arch




Arc. Ademola Adeola



Lecturer II



B. E. S Arch, M. E. D Arch, MNIA


Urban Housing and Planning, Indigenous Political Architecture and Associated Institutional and Public Building

Arc. (Mrs.) Adenubi O. O.

Lecturer II

B. Sc Arch, M. sc Arch, ANIA

Urban Design

Arc. Opaluwa Ejiga

Assistant Lecturer

B. Tech Arch, M. Arch

Sustainable Architecture



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