Department of Building


The purpose of handbook is to give prospective students a brief information about the professional courses in the Department. This will certainly influence the way a student will spend the next five years as an undergraduate student in Caleb University, Imota Lagos.

The most important information concerns the courses available because it is on the intellectual quality of these that most Universities are judged. At the same time students will be offered education which is not only intellectually stimulating and challenging but also relevant to the world outside. Most courses in the Department, therefore, include periods of practical training as an integral part of students’ education, encouraging them to look more critically at their academic studies and stimulating the search for an understanding of the problems which they may meet in their later years as professional.

Presently the Department offers courses leading to the award of Bachelor of Science in BUILDING (B.Sc. Building)


The door of Caleb University was opened to students on the 21st January, 2008 and 19 students were matriculated into the unified program of the College of Environmental Studies and Management, consisting of three Departments: Architecture, Building, and Quantity Surveying. Out of these 19 students, one student was enrolled in the Department of Building.
The Department, now about to enter into 500level has nine (9) students in his enrolment. This number is bound to increase when the admission process for 2011-2012 is completed. The staff strength has also grown from one full-time academic staff to three full-time staff academic staff. There are also about four Associate staff to compliment the effort of the full-time staff. Plans are underway to recruit qualified academic staff to meet the demand of expected increase in the student enrolment. Also the Workshop for the Department, will is expected to expose the students to the practice of the profession, is under construction.


The philosophy of the Department is hinged on the definition of Building as the creative use of materials in achieving ends in their assemblage. So the philosophy is creativity in the use of materials in generating the costs thereof, and in management of the end product.


The vision of the Building Technology Department  of Caleb University is to nurture and Graduate students that are embodiment of  creativity, diligence and integrity, who will not only be experts in Building production, but also able to initiate and sustain scholarly research work.


The mission of degree Programme on the Building Department of Caleb University is to make her graduates not only competent in all the aspect of Building technology and Construction Management, in principles and practice, but also to be well equipped for public service and self employment, without loosing their interactive flavors with allied
professionals in the construction industry in particular, and the world at large in general.  To this end, the Department aims and objectives are:


To train competent graduates in the science and skills of building process and its management. Furthermore, the Department is to carry out outstanding  research work in Building.


  1. To produce graduates who are able to apply knowledge and skills acquired at CALEB University, to coordinate and control all the resources (technological, human, economy material, etc) involved in building process.
  2. To produce graduates that are registrable with the professional body and also able to sustain professionalism.
  3. To produce graduates with good corporate understanding and knowledge of the dynamic of development in a multi-faceted but related  environment of construction industry.
  4. To provide quality and rich human resources capable to interpret, sustain, and navigate through  new technologies and information system that are daily emerging; and subsequently to confront the challenges that such technologies presented.
  5. To equip the students with the methodology of fabricating research tools and equipments, data analysis and interpretation, as well as technical report writings and presentations

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