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The Department of Architecture in Caleb University runs a two semester programme based on the course credit system. The duration of a semester is seventeen (17) weeks. It is important to note that:

a.    No student is expected to repeat a whole year in any course level
b.    Students will only repeat courses failed at any given level.

This implies that such failed courses may be carried over to the next higher level and registered alongside the courses at that higher level provided the total number of credits registered for, does not exceed the maximum prescribed for any given session. In the case where a semester has the maximum credit load allowable, the student shall give priority to courses failed before inclusion of new courses.


A course is a subject of study consisting of only one syllabus, lasting one semester and associated with a single or two examination paper(s). As per need, a course may last for more than one semester provided that such a course is divided into two parts, either part of which carries equal credit weighting and lasts for only one semester and is examinable at the end of the semester.



Also known as a core course is that which must be taken and passed by the student before he will be deemed to have fully satisfied the conditions for successful completion of the programme.


Cognate courses provide the department of architecture with a clearly defined identity and an opportunity to play a singular role in architectural development in this country.


Is that course, not necessarily from the department, which may be taken along with the core course to broaden the intellectual base and interdisciplinary perspective of the students, so long as the maximum credit load for that session had not been exceeded.
Note:     The core and cognate courses which make up the core courses in the architectural programme of Caleb University should account for approximately 55% and 30% respectively of the total credit load of the architectural education programme.
Elective courses should account for approximately 15% of the total weighting of the programme.


A programme is a combination of courses prescribed by the department to be taken in a progressive manner graduated into 100-400 levels and must be completed in a minimum of eight (8) semesters (4 academic sessions) and a maximum of twelve (12) semesters (6 academic sessions) for the B.Sc programme. A student at the beginning of the programme will normally take 100 level courses in the first year of study, 200 level courses in the second year of study, and so on.
Students joining the programme through Direct Entry Admission will normally start with 200 level courses, and in some special cases, with 300 level courses.
A student who spends the maximum prescribed period of 6 years for the B. Sc and has not successfully completed the programme, or is unable to pass his B. Sc degree examinations programme, may be required to withdraw from the programme.

You can download the department course structure and synopsis as {PDF}





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