COSOMAS Vision & Mission


The Vision of Caleb University is “to be the leader in producing manpower in commerce, technology, and the environment with due regard to relevance to societal needs”

In order to implement this corporate vision of CALEB University, COSOMAS develops its vision as being:
“a top-class Nigerian and internationally acclaimed College of Social and Management Sciences, teaching its courses with excellence and resourcefulness, conducting trail-blazing researches that contribute optimally to the advancement of knowledge in management and social sciences, and taking advantage of developments in information and communication technology to provide solutions to societal problems.”


Caleb University’s Mission aims “to provide opportunities for respectable, qualitative and relevant university education for regular and mature students, with due recognition of gender sensitivity for good and balanced societal development” In line with this, COSOMAS’ mission is to “provide professionally stimulating, intellectually enlightening, problem-solving courses in social and management sciences to students who are imbued with a sense of service with integrity and social responsibility.”

Caleb University
Imota, Lagos, Nigeria
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