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Caleb University’s Library is a hub of knowledge, boasting an impressive collection that continues to expand. With over 13,000 volumes of books and subscriptions to more than 1,112 journal titles, it stands as a leading resource center for teaching and research within the institution.

The library has embraced technological advancements, with most of its functions being computerized. The university has implemented an open-source integrated library management system software, utilizing the Local Area Network (LAN) to connect all campus libraries. This system enables efficient cataloguing and facilitates various library services.

Recognizing the importance of digital resources, the library is seamlessly connected to the internet. It has subscribed to numerous online databases, including HINARI, AJOL, JSTOR, EBSCOHOST, Nigerian Virtual Library, African e-journal, Questia, and more. These databases offer students and staff access to a vast array of highly relevant, up-to-date, and discipline-specific materials, enriching their academic pursuits.

The library takes pride in its commitment to user education. Recognizing that information literacy is crucial, it actively engages in educating both students and staff on effective research methodologies, database navigation, and critical evaluation of sources. Workshops, tutorials, and one-on-one assistance are offered to equip library users with the necessary skills to maximize the library’s resources and enhance their academic endeavors.

The library’s extensive collection, advanced technological infrastructure, and dedication to user education make it an invaluable asset to the Caleb University community. It serves as a hub for intellectual growth, fostering a culture of research, learning, and innovation. Whether students and staff seek information for coursework, research projects, or personal enrichment, the library stands ready to support their academic journey.

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