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Research at Caleb addresses current needs and opportunities, as well as those that may affect the country in the future. This is done in conjunction with Government and private industry, and also by participating in international research programmes and funding.


The Office of Research, Innovation, Strategy and Administration facilitates high-quality academic research through leading the development of research strategy and policy, ensuring compliance with institutional and global research requirements, supporting researchers to access funding and form new collaborations, engaging with the development of research information systems and advising on the contracting process.

It oversees key strategic research partnerships with both public and private sector/corporate clients to maximise their effectiveness and works with a range of stakeholders to identify and bring to fruition new research opportunities. The cardinal, quartet-wing of the office fully encompass the focal interest of the University. Click to experience and explore the details of the quartet-wing of the office of RISA @ CALEB.


In the area of research, the Office of Research, Innovation, Strategy and Administration is responsible for the promotion of a functional research integrity ecosystem for the University, which encourages working together to form a bubble of true academic life. To achieve this, the Office ensures the implementation and subsequent review of the University’s Research and Innovation Policy, Publication Policy, Academic Integrity Policy and Research Culture, which is the main thrust of Caleb University. With the drive of the Institution at being ‘Africa’s Best Private University in Research and Entrepreneurship Development’, this Office promotes proven research guidelines, facilitating updates based on the clear demands of achieving the target of aligning with global best practice.

At the apex of the research wing of this Office is providing effective coordination to ensure the establishment of academic journals in every college of the University, including specialized journals in various departments/programmes. Furthering from this standpoint, the Office guide all journals of the University to be Scopus indexed (or indexed based on the parameters of global ranking of Universities.


With Innovation, being the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of a new concept, services and improvement in a system, the Office of Research, Innovation, Strategy and Administration builds and supervises the brand equity framework of the University; with the coordination of the branding of all the programmes of the University, hence, making Caleb, a brand more visible both to academia and the public at large. This fosters the creation of enabling environment for staff and students for a productive experience, promoting research and innovation capacity University-wide through the optimal liaison with all levels of leadership in the University.

Also under Innovation, the Office facilitates Innovative academic and research projects and promotes the commercialisation for their eventual outputs. In the same vein, the Office develops, updates, articulates and implements institutional research and innovation strategies, in collaboration with partners and organisations both locally and internationally.


With a carefully developed plan for achieving the set goals of the University the Office of Research, Innovation, Strategy and Administration develops the strategic plan of the University as well as the implementation frame work for monitoring, to ensure that the University operates above competition. It partners with funding agencies through attracting aids, grants, endowments and relevant service; and also networking with relevant governmental, non-governmental and private-sector organisations for a symbiotic collaboration. The Office manages and administers resources associated with the research and innovation agenda by operationalising operational framework

Plans are underway through this Office for the establishment of E learning and long-distance education for the University with the online mode of learning as the students can learn at their comfort, pace and requirements. This will open up the walls of the University to distant, willing and working students.

Coordinating the positioning of the University as an Entrepreneurial University where the learning process is inclusive of production of rounded graduates with character, who are tested entrepreneurs’ hinges on the Office as an essential focus. The outcomes and impact of the University’s research and innovation will be on display at both the local and international fora. Such attempts are targeted at building linkages between the private sector and the University


The Office supervises and monitors the achievements of the Operational and Entrepreneurial University benchmarks; ensures the full functionality of the University Portal, which enables the automation of all academic and administrative activities in the value chain results processing, transcript generation, school fees payment, clearance and the development of an inclusive and fully interactive website, with regular content update; and coordinates organisation of Caleb Unite.

Other oversight duties of the Office include the Ethics Integrity Unit, Academic Integrity Committee, Research, Innovation and Strategy Committee, Entrepreneurship Unit, Ceremonies and Honours Committee, Computer Centre and ICT Committee, Student Support Service Committee, Grant Office, SWIES/JUBEB, Public Relations, Marketing, information Publication, Caleb Business School, and coordination with the University Business Service.

Professor Olalekan Asikhia Mr Emmanuel Adepelu Mr Seyi Oludare

Professor Olalekan Asikhia, is the DVC, Research, Innovation and Strategy at Caleb University, Lagos State. He was the past Director of Center for Financial Studies of Chartered Institute of Bankers, and Research Professor at School of Business Leadership, University of South Africa, and won a grant of Poverty/SMEs studies worth R700,000 per year for 2 years, making a total of R1.4 million. He was also a past Head of the department and acting dean. He had supervised and graduated over ninety-two (92) doctoral candidates and twenty-four (24) master degree candidates. He has over one hundred and thirty-three (133) publications. Olalekan Asikhia is a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Marketing. He is a member of the economics and statistics committee of Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He is married to Busayo Asikhia and blessed with two children.
Emmanuel Adepelu is the Personal Assistant to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research, Innovation, Strategy and Administration at Caleb University, Lagos State. He is a graduate with B.A in History and Diplomatic Studies from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State.
Seyi Oludare is the Secretary in the Office of Research, Innovation, Strategy and Administration at Caleb University, Lagos State. He is a graduate with B.A in English Language Studies from National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).


  • DVC RISA, Caleb University, Imota-Lagos
  • +234 806 684 3383
    +234 806 039 0438


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