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Inaugural Lecture By Prof. Foluke Dada


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Topic: Human Rights in The Digital Age: Navigating Artificial Intelligence, Its Biases and Impact On the Nigerian Justice System

As technology continues to revolutionize every facet of our lives, its impact on human rights and the justice system cannot be overstated. In recognition of this crucial intersection, Prof. Foluke Dada, the esteemed Dean of the College of Law at Caleb University, is set to deliver her inaugural lecture titled “Human Rights in The Digital Age: Navigating Artificial Intelligence, Its Biases, and Impact On the Nigerian Justice System.” This landmark event is scheduled for the 27th of June, 2024, at the Multipurpose Hall of Caleb University, Imota, Lagos.

In an era dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) and digital innovations, the discourse surrounding human rights has evolved significantly. The proliferation of AI technologies has introduced new complexities and challenges, particularly within the realm of the justice system. Prof. Foluke Dada, a distinguished legal scholar, brings her expertise to the forefront as she delves into the intricate dynamics of this evolving landscape.

At the heart of Prof. Dada’s lecture is a critical examination of the intersection between AI, human rights, and the Nigerian justice system. As AI systems increasingly play a role in decision-making processes within legal frameworks, questions of bias, fairness, and accountability come to the fore. Prof. Dada’s lecture promises to shed light on these pressing issues, offering insights into how AI technologies can either uphold or undermine human rights principles.

Drawing upon her extensive research and scholarship, Prof. Dada will explore the ways in which AI algorithms may perpetuate biases, leading to disparities in access to justice and unequal treatment before the law. Moreover, she will examine the implications of AI-driven decision-making on fundamental rights such as privacy, due process, and freedom of expression.

In addition to identifying potential pitfalls, Prof. Dada’s lecture will also highlight the transformative potential of AI in advancing human rights objectives. By harnessing technology responsibly and ethically, she argues, it is possible to enhance access to justice, promote transparency, and empower marginalized communities.

The inaugural lecture by Prof. Foluke Dada serves as a timely call to action for stakeholders across sectors to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaboration. As Nigeria navigates the complexities of the digital age, ensuring that AI systems align with human rights principles is paramount for the integrity and fairness of the justice system.

The venue for this significant event, the Multipurpose Hall of Caleb University, provides an ideal setting for scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and students to come together and exchange ideas. Prof. Dada’s lecture promises to spark thought-provoking discussions and pave the way for innovative approaches to safeguarding human rights in the digital era.

In conclusion, Prof. Foluke Dada’s inaugural lecture stands as a testament to her commitment to advancing legal scholarship and promoting social justice. By examining the intersection of AI, human rights, and the Nigerian justice system, she offers invaluable insights that are both timely and indispensable. As attendees gather at Caleb University on the 27th of June, 2024, they embark on a journey of discovery and enlightenment, guided by the expertise and vision of a distinguished legal luminary.


Imota, Lagos

Multipurpose Hall, Caleb University
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Prof. Foluke Dada

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  1. Hakeem Batula

    I hope to be in attendance to witness the event and learn more about the current issues.

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