All students are hereby directed to strictly follow the Registration Procedure, as stated below:

Week 1
Payment of fees: 
Evidence of payment of total school fees for the session, which can be paid once or split into three: 50% of the total sessional fee on resumption at the beginning of the session; 25% of the total to be paid on resumption from Christmas/New Year Break; and the final 25% balance on resumption for the 2nd semester).
Only students who have paid the prescribed fees can register.

Week 2 
Attend Orientation and ensure you know how to use the Portal.

Week 3
Registration begins: commence registration immediately after payment.

Week 4
•Fresh students should register for all the courses prescribed. The portal will automatically list all registrable courses.

Week 5
Returning students with carry-over: •First register for all outstanding (carry-over) courses; then register for the courses prescribed for the new level that you have earned prerequisites to register for. 
•The portal will first list your carry-over courses followed by other courses for the semester. 
•You are permitted to register for a maximum of 24 units, which include your carryover courses where applicable. 
•You will require the VC’s approval for additional 3 units provided you have a CGPA of 2.00.
•registering for courses for which you have no prerequisite is illegal and carries a penalty.
•Students with registration challenges must resolve them with their Course Advisers/HoDs, within the 5 weeks of registration.
•The portal initially shuts down at the end of normal registration

Week 6
Late Registration: 
•Any student who fails to complete registration at the end of the 5th week shall have a window of two weeks for late registration with a penalty fee of N80,000
•The Portal will shut down, and students would be granted access, on a case-by-case basis; strictly upon presentation of evidence of late registration fee payment.

Week 7
Close of registration: 
•Registration closes with late registration at the end of the 7th week. Unregistered students (FOR ANY REASON) shall not be considered as bona fide students for the semester.

•School fees paid by unregistered students (after the close of registration and shutting down of the registration portal) shall not be valid for the semester
•Failure to register for two consecutive semesters without a written application with supportive documents to the VC and Senate approval, will result in the suspension of studentship.
•Suspension of studentship can only be lifted on application to the Senate through the VC.
•Registration portal shuts down finally at the close of business on Friday of the 7th week.

Students who for any reason were not registered at the end of the 7th week shall not attend classes, submit assignments, write tests, or mid and final-semester examinations.

Week 8
Mid-semester examination: 
The attendance sheet of duly registered students shall be generated and distributed to all colleges and departments by the ICT Unit at the end of Week 7.

Only students who registered fully at the end of the 7th Week and participated in the mid-semester examination shall be eligible for the end of semester examination.

Semester Examination
The semester examination shall comprise:
* 30% Mid-Semester 666. (CA = 10 marks + Exam = 20 marks)
* 70% Final semester examination. (CA = 30 marks + Exams = 40 marks)
Scores for the mid-semester examination shall be uploaded to the portal by the end of the 9th week.

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