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Information Technology fosters the spirit of innovation through technology and provides the resources and infrastructure to connect Caleb students and staff to their goals.

Overview of IT Services at Caleb University


Caleb University’s ICT department is a hub of technological innovation and excellence, dedicated to empowering students and staff with cutting-edge technology solutions. Under the leadership of Mr Oluwaseun Adesola-Zion as the ICT Coordinator and Chief System Analyst, the department has forged a strategic partnership with CompTIA and implemented a range of impactful projects and applications. With Mrs Deborah responsible for managing the school portal system, Mr Marcus Ajilore as the Principal Network Analyst, and Mr Daniel Hassan Egbetunde as the System Analyst, the department boasts a team of talented professionals committed to driving technological advancement.

Cloud Storage

Students and employees are automatically assigned Office 365 online account with access to the OneDrive service and are provided 1TB of online storage space per user.


Students and employees use their Falar onecard to access printing, copying and scanning services available through multifunction devices that can be found across the College.

Network Access

Caleb University offers secure wireless access points at all campuses, and in public spaces throughout the campus that provide mobile users with convenient and easy access to the campus network and the Internet.


Caleb University is committed to providing users with a safe and secure computing environment that protects Caleb's electronic resources and the privacy of individuals.

IT Information Sessions

Prior to the start of each academic semester, new Caleb University's students can attend an IT Information Session. These one-hour, online sessions will offer practical information and live demos showing attendees how to access and set up many IT services, including: downloading software, setting up your email and OneDrive, changing your password, and more.

IT Support Services

The IT Service Desk is the primary point of contact for incident reporting/resolution, requests for IT services and tech support. IT support specialists are available Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

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